Attention friends of WTFbikes: Starting in September, we will be closed Mondays. Tom, the owner, will be out of town for a few weeks. Matt will be here by himself, so wait times may increase slightly. We know that many of you like our Monday open times, and we will try to resume them ASAP.



Flat tires fixed while you wait!

Our basic service rate is $60/hour. Small jobs like brake or gear adjustments usually end up around $5-$15. Wheel builds are billed as one hour of labor.


A standard tune-up is $79. This includes:

-complete bolt and torque check

-bearing check and adjustment

-cleaning, lubrication, calibration of all components

-frame/fork/wheel wipe down/inspection

-wheel truth to within 1mm, tire inflation

-replacement/installation of most common parts(sold separately)


There is no need for an appointment, simply drop by with your bike anytime we are open. Estimates given over the phone are wholly inaccurate and subject to change upon inspection.